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"You know you have found your life mission when you say, "I dare you to try and take this away from me." - Shannon L. Alder


Y o u  i n  f i v e  y e a r s . . .

"I had never created a five-year strategic plan for my personal life before. Christina told me at the start of our course to trust the process, and she was right. The results brought so much clarity to my life planning in a much quicker and more efficient way than I expected. Christina brilliantly guides you through an inner journey of exploration to identify your personal core values and life purpose, and then further helps you shape what will truly drive your best personal plan for the next 3-5 years. Thanks to her Sacred Planning course, I have already had manifestations in my life since completing the course a month ago! I am very grateful for the clarity and focus Christina has helped me create for my future and I know her Sacred Planning approach will help bring clarity, purpose and direction to many, many lives." Peyton D., Delray Beach

We hear people say all the time “God has a purpose and a plan for your life.”  What if you could discover what the Divine has in mind for you in the next three to five years?

Whether you are a Millennial seeking purpose, a ‘next career’ Baby Boomer, or a Gen Xer in transition, by completing a Sacred Plan you will discover:

• The values that define you
• A purpose that will get you out of bed in the morning
• The critical strengths you have and the ones you need
• The near-term issues you must prioritize
• A compelling visualization of who you can be, where
  you can be, and the impact you can have
• A road map to get you there
• A pathway to achievement and accountability

Sacred Planning’s down-to-earth practical approach to personal strategic planning contains every tool you need to create the inspired plan you want. Complete the straightforward exercises in our Sacred Planning Workbook on your own or in a Sacred Circle of like-minded seekers, and you will have a road map to get you on track with the Divine’s plan for your future.

Interested in developing your Sacred Plan with others? Contact us to find or form a Sacred Circle today.

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For the past 18 years, Sacred Planning's team leader Christina Drouin has used an inspired approach to strategic planning in schools, universities, and faith congregations that has positively impacted the lives of thousands. Now you personally can have the benefit of her values-based, mission-driven model to help you realize your best possible future. It starts with you and a Sacred Circle of like-minded friends. Contact Christina to find out more today.

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