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7 Ways Your Divinely-Inspired Sacred Plan Will Align Your Purpose and Your Future

1. Your Sacred Plan will align daily behaviors, interactions, and priorities with who you are and what you stand for, and you will feel an overall sense of well-being and integrity.

2. Your Sacred Plan will provide a consistent framework to shape life’s biggest decisions about where you live, where you work, and the relationships you invest in, and your big decisions will be easier.

3. Your Sacred Plan will provide a series of specific activities to move you forward daily on your life path, and your daily activities will move you toward your goals.

4. Your Sacred Plan will increase your practice of personal accountability and you will feel more responsible for your future.

5. Your Sacred Plan will guide your education and lifelong learning, and you will grow in knowledge.

6. Your Sacred Plan will guide how you spend your free time and you will take better care of yourself.

7. Your Sacred Plan will help you form a habit of sacred thinking, and you will naturally tune into Divine guidance in all things, big and small.

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