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"Participating in Sacred Strategic Planning offered me something I had never had before -- the opportunity to practically envision my dreams for the future in a sacred circle of seekers, each one yearning for their own futures, and each deeply seeking from a spiritual center. Christina offered me something I desperately needed and didn't even know it -- a way to make my future dreams attainable and tangible, and help me believe in myself beyond even my own conception. I am so grateful for this process and would do it again in a heartbeat. I not only built my future but I also found deep community and friendship in the process." 
Teresa M., Asheville NC

“It was interesting for me to see other professional women at different stages in their lives and how they were coping with life experiences and changes. It was also helpful to hear others comment on my thoughts and to understand myself a little better.” 
Pam H., Boca Raton FL

“As someone who has always “played it by ear,” I was enthralled to develop a 5-year plan and a strategy for executing it. What I learned from the sessions is making me look at the projects I become involved with and to see them in terms of my overall plan. Christina is understanding and caring, as well as perceptive and sharp. She made it possible for me to envision a future not as a pipedream, but as a reality.”
Erica A., Boca Raton FL

“Christina's sacred planning workshops help me to develop, create and achieve personal and professional goals and grow spiritually.”
Suzanne M., Delray Beach FL

“I had never created a 5-year strategic plan for my personal life before. Christina told me at the start of our course to trust the process, and she was right. The results brought so much clarity to my life planning in a much quicker and more efficient way than I would have expected. Christina brilliantly guides you through an inner journey of exploration to identify your personal core values and purpose, and then further helps you shape what will truly drive your best personal plan for the next 3-5 years. Thanks to her Sacred Planning course, I have already had manifestations in my life since completing the course a month ago! I am very grateful for the clarity and focus Christina has helped me create for my future and I know her Sacred Planning approach will help bring clarity, purpose and direction to many, many lives.”
Peyton D., TN

"Changes required to achieve new goals seem out of reach when managing daily life. Sacred strategic planning helps you address today's reality on a path heading in the direction of your dreams." Denise V., Pebble Beach CA

"We are all searching in some way. And yet we are busier than ever and don't give ourselves time for inner reflection Meanwhile, the world is changing so fast and we try to keep up. I think we get a little muddled in all of it. Sacred strategic planning with Christina caused me to stop and pay attention to the things that matter most to me and my future. Her process brings clarity not only to the future, but to every day decisions, and is incredibly empowering. It's awesome!" DP, Delray Beach FL

"Sacred planning with Christina was very deep. Soul touching. You ask yourself questions you would never ask. What makes you you?! It's rare that things in life ever revolve around you as a human being, but this sacred planning is about YOU, which makes it special. YOU in the making!" Yoline J., LA

 “If I'm completely honest I came to this workshop with very little experience in planning. The idea was actually completely foreign to me. I had some goals in my head but beyond that I admit I was clueless. Christina's proven formula for the 3-5 year plan was broken down into bite size steps, which gives you a sense of achievement as you progress through the strategic process. As I tend to be a visual learner, so when we wrote down our core values and mission statements on a large sheet of paper in front of our group, I had a breakthrough. This process has given me such clarity in my life, and moreover reconfirmed what I believe to be my purpose in Life. This was such a powerful course and has put me on an accelerated path to attaining my goals. I feel forever indebted to Christina for sharing her wisdom and insight throughout the whole process, and redirecting my thoughts when I would roadblock myself!” Tory V., Delray Beach FL

“The experience of sacred planning was so much more than I expected. I've been on a very specific path for school and career for years and the planning process led to so much more. While the process validated that I was on the right path, it also helped me to see additional goals that will add more excitement and fulfillment to my life. The process began with viewing our life goals from the perspective of personal values and seeking to align our plans with His. Christina led our group through the planning process leading to realistic, manageable tasks to begin making the goals come to life.” Kate C., Boynton Beach FL

"I had the privilege and pleasure of working with christina for two days!!! The process was truly amazing...and one i won't forget for quite some time. Christina has the ability to make you believe she believes in you...she is really enthusiastic and excited about your life!!! And what God has in store for you!!! There really is a science to what she does. Cle M., MS

"Sacred Strategic Planning has profoundly impacted me after investing a day and half of clarifying my personal mission, vision, and life goals. The process was clear, simple, and focused. Christina offered guidance, encouragement, and provided a safe space for our group to explore individually and together what matters most in our lives. It is enlightening to be with others who seek to live a more purposeful and authentic life. It is also inspiring to embrace this opportunity for self-reflection and growth. I look forward to manifesting my vision and goals for the next 5 years!" Angela K., Boca Raton, FL

"Spending two productive half days identifying and creating my own 3 to 5 year sacred plan was empowering. From the moment this process began, the environment felt safe and engaging. Christina is not only displays professionalism, she is also astute. She helps you to truly define your goals and strategies so they don't just meet your "surface needs" but rather challenges you to truly focus on where you want to guide your life to in the next five years and beyond. I would highly recommend this workshop."
Adena S., Boca Raton FL

"I had been searching for some intervention in my life for goal setting. I often feel as though I am floating along and allowing life to happen to me. I put a call out into the universe and a dear friend called me to invite me into a sacred circle for finding the divine in my life. This entire process with Christina, while excruciating and invigorating at the same time, has helped me to put my life in perspective and to help me feel a sense of connectedness to my higher power, to myself and to others. I would highly recommend this program as a means for discovering your true, authentic self and what you exist for. I am forever grateful for Christina's amazing guidance and her ability to put us at ease and onto discovering our path of fulfilling our divine purpose." Megan D., Coconut Creek FL

"Christina is a pioneer in her field as a "light-bearer" and leader for all those who participate in Sacred Planning. Her work combining the theory and practice of strategic planning with divine discovery and spirituality is as ground-breaking as it is motivational and inspirational. As a participant in her 2 day workshop, I am confident that this process will have a lasting impact on my life for years to come."
Jessica L., Boca Raton FL

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